JSON Schema Toolkit

Programmatic building of JSON schemas (recursive field mappings) with validation, a Django JSON Field, and native PostgreSQL JSON type constraints.

Version 1.0.0 Alpha 1 [ PyPI | GitHub | BitBucket | Documentation ]

Built on top of json-document and json-schema-validator, with powerful support for building and validating JSON documents. Can be used to programmatically build JSON schemas by mapping fields to a document or recursively to other fields, as well as used for validating a Django JSON field during save operations. If PostgreSQL >= 9.2 is used, supports the native JSON data type. If PostgreSQL >= 9.3 is used, supports custom JSON SQL constraint generation for the Django Model.

Extends json_document to provide nullable fields (in additional to optional fields), deletion of members (through del), a Pythonic API for dot notation member access, as well as convenience input transformations for data such as dates and times, time deltas, and others.