Projects, contracting, consulting services, clients, and curriculum vitae (resume) for Alexis Petrounias.


I develop bespoke software, provide technical and business advice, and manage teams of engineers on behalf of my clients.

My roles have ranged from researcher to software engineer to technology entrepreneur. I have led and mentored teams of developers, as well as transitioned companies from technology capability to end product. I am a strong technical writer and presenter, capable of communicating with both engineering and business audiences.

I bring value through practical experience coupled with a portfolio of commercial and open-source projects, a worldwide network of professionals in a diverse set of software-related fields, and a thorough understanding of global developments in technology and corresponding markets.

My areas of focus are systems analysis, information architecture, software engineering, integration and testing, deployment and monitoring, project management, technical advisory, and business development.

Clients include large enterprises, media organizations, and startups, as well as various independent content creators, designers, artists, e-commerce retailers, scientists, doctors, dentists, legal professionals, political parties, and politicians.


Following are some of my long-term roles; my full and current curriculum vitae is available in several formats for download, sharing, and print.

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Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Synergy Softworks Limited, London, United Kingdom
2008 - present

I am co-founder of Synergy Softworks, a partnership of engineers, scientists, and analysts. Our specialties are software engineering, information architecture, systems analysis, and data science.

My role includes market research, capital raising, identity and representation, partner and client liaising, and contracting. Apart from involvement in internal projects and projects co-developed with select outside partners, I offer consulting services to clients and give talks to professional and academic audiences.

Co-Founder and CTO

modelogiq GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany
2012 - present

I am co-founder and first CTO of modelogiq, a financial modeling services startup which supplies modeling and collaboration tools for analysts and investors.

My role included systems analysis, information and software architecture, software engineering, technology strategy, hiring and mentoring, and project management.

Principal Software Architect

I. & S. Sklavenitis Supermarkets S.A., Athens, Greece
2011 - 2012

I led a team of developers responsible for creating a prototype for a large-scale electronic commerce platform for business to business, retail, marketplace, and logistics operations.

My role included systems analysis, modeling and simulation, software architecture, software engineering, technology planning and estimation, liaising with external systems providers and integrators, hiring and mentoring, technology and know-how transfer to my client’s associates and employees, and advising senior and middle management on technology.

Challenging aspects of this project were real-time operations (particularly inventory handling and product allocation), massive scalability (full supplier and purchaser integration), security (contractually binding product pricing), and bridging with multiple external systems (particularly banking, enterprise resource planning, till and point-of-sale systems, and logistics systems, including delivery and real-time time-slot allocation).

Technical Director

Piece of Cake S.A., Athens, Greece
2009 - 2010

I led a team of developers responsible for creating web services technologies and software for content delivery, portals, search engine optimization, e-commerce, and mobile content.

My role included technology strategy and planning, product development, project management and estimation, hiring and mentoring, software architecture, software engineering, technology and know-how transfer to my client’s associates and employees, and the establishment of a company-wide collaboration workflow for future software projects.

Challenging aspects of this project were deployment and versioning (particularly per-client incremental feature deployment), consistent framework design (particularly generic cache and optimization subsystems for use by plug-in modules), and third-party module development (especially application programming interface design and documentation).


I am a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Imperial Entrepreneurs, the Imperial College Alumni Association, the University of Sussex Alumni Association, the Anatolia College Alumni Association (SAAK), and the EuroPython Society.